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7 Ways a Wardrobe Edit Can Save You Thousands

Article by Sandra k Stewart and Josephine Eve of

Cleaning out your wardrobe can be a great way to signal change, a new beginning or regain much needed confidence after as career change or having children.

Regular wardrobe edits and "de-clutters" can help you on the path towards a more minimal, simple and organised lifestyle.

Doing a Wardrobe Audit can help you be selective with clothes that actually flatter your shape, that you feel comfortable in and helps you to organise outfits that save you time and ultimately save you money!

I know for myself; having a disorganised wardrobe where nothing seems to fit well or match can result in MAJOR stress! There is nothing worse than starting the morning rushed, stressed TFO and already overwhelmed and mentally drained before I even leave the house. Yep its happened wayyy to many times than I like to admit!

Josephine Eve is a Personal Stylist based in Sydney and knows a thing or two about women’s closets. She’s seen all the mistakes and is here to share some practical tips and tricks to reduce costs, shop more efficiently and even MAKE some extra money- 

So Josephine, what exactly is a Wardrobe Audit

Josephine- Well it’s a process of assessing your wardrobe from clothing to accessories and then analysing your; current lifestyle needs, personal style, body shape, the colours you love wearing, and seeing if there are any pieces in your wardrobe that don’t seem to fit into what you need and then either ‘culling’ those pieces, or seeing if they require any pieces are missing-

Sandra- Yes! I can see how this would be super useful and also save a TON of money and time! I see this as planning out your ideal wardrobe, visualising a style you are confident in and learning to Identify key pieces and making outfits out of what you already have.

Sounds like plan we all need to put in place! I guess so many women just feel like they don't know where to begin? or it's too overwhelming? or maybe even they just get stuck in wearing old clothes that no longer suit their current lifestyle and body shape.

Josephine- Yes, absolutely- and that's why I created an accessible E-course for women to access ANNNDD also the reason I love my career as a stylist. I see SO many women gain confidence and that's such a beautiful feeling to know I've helped them feel great about themselves!

Sandra- Yes Yes Yes! love that Josephine, you've created a heart centred business by helping WOMEN feel amazing! Plus your living proof women can follow their passions and do really well! and you've created a E-course for women all over the world that can't see you in person in Sydney!

SO amazing!

Josephine- Yes, I'm incredibly lucky to have my dream career and share such special moments connecting with so many different women. I think its easy to follow your dreams in business when you put the needs of your client first and do work you really believe in.

Sandra- Thank you for joining us today and co-writing this super helpful article Josephine, As you know my platform is all about Fashion and Finance and I couldn't think of a better person to join us here.

Josephine- Thanks Sandra, fashion and finance is certainly an overlapping topic and so relevant to women. Im excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you all! (and as a side benefit) SAVE YOU and MAKE you some money!

so my fashion and finance loving friends heres the 7 ways a wardrobe edit can SAVE YOU thousands!

1 Taking stock of what you own so you reduce unnecessary spending -

Knowing what you have and being organised, reduces the need to make future purchases. By assessing and working what you already have in your wardrobe and making use of your staples to mix and match outfits, will help you save a fortune in the long run.

So I highly recommend taking stock of the staple items you may have hidden away in your wardrobe that you already own, and start playing with different outfit combinations. This will help you to create more versatility in your outfits using these pieces, which will save you from feeling the need to go out and spend more money on unnecessary pieces.

Some staple item examples: Jeans, t-shirt, blazer, neutral colour casual dress, black LBD, Black trousers, sneakers, flats, nude heels etc…

2 Less clothing means less to maintain.

And less to store, wash and dry-clean also reducing in electricity, washing products and laundry detergents. 

If you really want to save money in this area, you might also want to think about future purchases and how much you’ll save if you buy non-dry cleanable pieces and easy to care for clothing and accessories.

3 You won’t repeat costly past mistakes

The key to understanding the underlying reasons why you never end up wearing some of your wardrobe purchases…you know the ones that either still have their tag on or you’ve maybe worn once? Is to reflect on the reasons why you chose to buy the item in the first place, which is equally important to learn from. Eg; If it’s that you gravitated towards the fabric and colour, then this is something to look out for in the future but it has to tick ALL of the boxes in all areas before purchasing.

By reflecting on the unworn items you've once purchased, this helps you to learn and grow from mistakes you've made which will help you save in the long term as I see client after client making buying mistakes on similar looking items that don't seem to work for them.

So here are some tips for you to understand what the mistakes are…

Ask yourself the following Q’s-

1. What was the reason why I bought this item in the first place?

Was it that you were in a rush to find something in the shops as you didn’t have a lot of time and you weren’t thinking clearly?

Or was it because you like the colour of it? FACT- Colour is usually the first thing that we notice and gravitate towards when we see something for the first time.

Or did I just like only one or two elements of the piece but not the entire piece? Is it the fabric, the cut, the ‘style’, the trend etc…? If it’s only one or two elements that you like about the garment, but not loving it 100%, then you need to think also about the parts of it that you don’t like to take a leaf from that purchase.

Or did I just like the ‘idea’ of it, the ‘look’ of it on others or the mannequin or think that I ‘should’ buy it at the time? There is a reason for this purchase mentality and it is a perception based way of thinking that relates to how you think others would want you to dress, or getting FOMO for fashion trends that others wear or you like the look of the piece, but it doesn’t truly reflect YOU.

Or was it because you had an event to go to and you only wore it once because you don’t have the current lifestyle to wear it again? Maybe next time try hiring a dress or outfit for an event which can be a lot more affordable, less clutter and good for the environment. >>Try Glamcorner

2. What is the reason why I ‘haven’t’ worn it?

Is it unflattering on your shape? Eg; is it making you look wider or is it drowning on you?

Does it make your vertical proportions look too out of balance?

Is the colour or print washing you out?

Does the colour style with your other clothes?

Is the style of the piece not truly reflecting your true self?

Have you had the occasion for it?

Is it still needing to be altered or hemmed?

Does it style with anything in your wardrobe?

Is it the wrong size and it doesn’t seem to fit quite right?

Is the fabric uncomfortable eg; stiff, itchy, sweaty?

3. What will I make sure that I do next time before purchasing?

Write a list of the things you don’t like either on a piece of paper or in your notes in your phone, as your ‘non negotiable’ so you can reflect on these the next time you purchase.

Eg; Don’t buy… or Styles and examples of what I don’t like…

And a list of Make sure that items are…(fitted properly, tried on, flattering, colour perfect etc…)

To help you avoid making costly mistakes again.

4 Got designer bags you don’t wear? Rent them out! 

Websites like will take your authentic designer bags and rent them out, giving you the opportunity to make some cash without parting with a much loved item, you simply fill out our online Submission Form, attach photos, add a description of the Handbag with any other information you would like to add, like a receipt/authentication certificate along with how much you’re thinking of renting out the item for. They take a small fee and you make some extra cash! Win win! 

5 Sell those pieces you don’t need $$$-

You might find when doing a wardrobe audit that there are items that are hard to give away to charity, like those designer shoes you only wore a few times... and instead you can sell them to make money from it. $$$

We use-





-Vestaire Collective

The Real Real


-High End or Marketplace

-Consignment stores

-The markets

the options are endless...

6. Bring your wardrobe pieces to life through tailoring & alterations-

I often find at least 3-10 items of clothing in each client’s closet that could do with some alterations and sprucing up at the tailor shop. Whether it be a trouser hem that needs a hemming, a skirt or dress length that is making your vertical proportions look out of balance, or a common one if a top hem length that you always have to tuck in as it’s too long, but you prefer to have it out.

All of these can be altered (small cost) which will ultimately save you money in having to replace with another piece unnecessarily (bigger cost).

Here are some other ways you can bring items to life-

-Sleeve lengths

-Taking tops and dresses in at the waist if too big

-Taking trousers in if too big at the waist or down the seam of the leg

-Changing necklines on items eg; crew neck to v neck.

-Taking off ruffles or fussy detail you don’t like

-Changing the buttons on jackets (go to Lincraft to buy your preferred ones or try an online button store).

-Dyeing your clothes like your favourite jeans that have faded. Try- Cullachange

7. Consider DRESS HIRE for events you can save money and make money!

Did you know not only can you SAVE money by renting designer dresses...

You can also rent your designer dresses out too!

Check out these sites!

Rent a Dress

Rent a Dress wants to help renters make money out of their wardrobes and help shoppers to save money in the process.  With over 3,000 items and 1,000 dress owners, they aim to create variety for Australian women, without them having to spend all their money to do so. Rent a Dress is a peer-to-peer service.


Online clothes sharing platform Tumnus focuses on providing the ability to share quality fashion with people in your area. The brand wants you to “Find your fashion twin and find a new friend too.” Whether it’s a statement piece for something special, or keeping it fresh for work, to trying out a brand you’ve always wanted too.

For hire try-






The online market place is popping up more of these hire stores everyday- so jump on google to find the perfect hire store for you!

So readers I hope you have LOVED this article as much as I have loved creating it with the amazing @josephineeve_eve_stylist

If you would like to book in for a Wardrobe Session with Josephine Eve, you can take a look here at her website

Or book in one of her styling services -




Instagram- @josephine_eve_stylist

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