• Sandra K Stewart

Bloom where you are planted!

Its easy to get caught up in what others are doing... -How much they are saving?? What are they doing? How are THEY investing...

With the amount of time we all spend scrolling on social media its easy to get caught up in other peoples goals, achievements, wins and basically THEIR life!

The truth is IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!

It means nothing what anyone else other than YOU achieves. This is YOUR journey and you have no one to compete with but the person you were yesterday!

The saying " Bloom where you are planted'' is so powerful to keep in mind.

We all have different starting places and face different challenges and adversities. The important thing to remember is remember is not not aim for perfection, but aim for something wayyyyy more important... GROWTH.

In my eyes if you are GROWING (no matter how slowly) you are already successful!

I have created a cute visual for todays post below.

Your financial journey is all about GROWTH.. You have to be patient to see results. Just like waiting for a beautiful flower to bloom.

So just like a trying to growing a "seed into a flower" your results will take time.

Stay the course and you'll bloom for the world to see!

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