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In case you missed it! My quick IG interview with @theivyleagueinvestor

@theivyleagueinvestor - Introducing Sandra Stewart from instagam account @sandrakstewart⠀⠀


I've had the pleasure of connecting with @sandrakstewartand I wanted to share her beautiful mission with you all. ⠀⠀


@sandrakstewart "I’m really passionate about women learning to advocate for themselves in all areas of life but particularly personal finance.

- as we know women live longer lives and usually have higher medical expenses over a lifetime due to having children.

We have less in retirement compared to men as we sacrifice careers to raise children-

Genetically we are still born disadvantaged and this sliding scale of privilege and access affects women of colour and indigenous women much more so.

This is Completely unacceptable in this day and age.

However as absolutely unfair as this is- I believe in #beingthechangeand acting in an empowered manner instead of complaining - that means putting in the work and doing better for my family and letting other women know they can do it too!

As a single mum myself I know some of the hardships and disadvantages that women face. I never want women to feel penalised financially for choosing to have a family or staying at home to raise young children. Unfortunately this is the reality for a number of women.

Women today have the incredible opportunity to; save, invest and protect themselves financially and I want to empower women to take any opportunity they have with both hands.

It’s OK for women to choose their own paths, say NO to others and take care of themselves first! We often give so much to others and receive so little in return.

I also share my story (and general interest in finance & investment) to normalise women making solo decisions about their future's. You don't need to let your partner or husband call all the shots! Actually- research shows women make superior investments decisions that yield better results long term! ⠀


@theivyleagueinvestor Thanks sandra for sharing some information about yourself- Sandra is currently in the process of redesigning her ecommerce website! It will be about women and money and offer products and easy to use dashboards for women to learn how to save budget and invest from a point of very little knowledge- onwards- GIRL POWER! ⠀

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