A 1:1 private coaching session where you have the freedom to ask me anything about your money mindset, current lifestyle, personal budget, investor mentality, life goals and side hustles.


I will assist you to build on your own individual strengths and find effective targeted solutions for your own unique challenges. 


In our 1 hour session together, I will identify the most appropriate actionable steps for you to take to move forward and address any further issues with takeaway client homework.  


If you have any questions about 1:1 coaching or want to check that 1:1 coaching is right for you- please contact me directly via the 'contact me box' or email button. Alternatively, reach out on Instagram @sandrakstewart 


To find out more about my personal story and achievements, please visit my social media page @sandrakstewart 


Please note; I only cover general advice within the scope of personal development and coaching. Any advice given is of general nature and it is up to you to do your due diligence before you act upon it.


I do not cover complex financial advice, business structuring, estate planning, tax advice or anything within the professional scope of a licenced financial planner, tax professional, accountant or solicitor.


Always seek a licenced professional to assist you with financial, investment and legal matters.

1:1 Private Coaching Session 1 hour