• BUDGET like a BOSS (Get your numbers- no math involved!) 


  • TRACK spending and expenses (fill it in every week!)


  • Analyse and assess your REAL financial position, and define your savings dreams and Investment goals. 


  • Make a PLAN to lead yourself (& family) to financial freedom! 


Key Features of the DASHBOARD 


- Instant download - start right now! 


- Bespoke to you! Enter your unique data and voila! 


-Not your average spreadsheet! No fussy grids and nightmare input sections. 


-ERROR PROOF! A locked dashboard so you can't mess it up! Simply enter your data and if you make a mistake simply delete and retype it! 


- Estimate and actual Inputs - Plan ahead and revise with real numbers during the month. 


- Annualised data- look back with a clear yearly overview! 


-Investment potential calculator- Figure out your true surplus and how much you can safely afford to invest! 


-Savings tracker- Monitoring your savings is equally as important as investing! I've got you covered with a separate savings tracker! 


-Side hustles input! Boost your income and track your side hustles efficiently! Add up to 3 extra sources of income in like dividends, passive income or rental income! 


-It's QUICK & EASY!  Manage and track your finances and not waste your precious personal time. Because EFFECTIVE shouldn't equal HARD...  


-Month in review section - Reflect upon what worked and what didn't. Challenge yourself to do better and list your achievements! You can also use this area to take notes and remind yourself of the month that was. 





-Welcome from the creator and introduction

-How to use this product

-Before you start

-Your WHY? 


-Trigger Plan 

-Blocks and weaknesses 



-Financial Homework 


-Product overview and explanation 

-FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

-User contact and legal 


Note- This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT compatible for use on EXCEL. Terms and conditions apply to the distribution and usage of the copyright product. By downloading you agree to read the terms and conditions attached.  


Data input can be customised to your unique income and spending- however, please note CATEGORIES CAN NOT BE CHANGED, MOVED or RENAMED. If you would like customisable CATEGORY inputs, please purchase my advanced personal finance dashboard (this is a beginners product)  


Due to the nature of digital products, there is a strict NO RETURNS policy as you would have obtained the product and its intellectual property upon download.  


PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS for the automatic email containing your WELCOME KIT WORKBOOK.


Please contact me prior to purchase if you have any concerns if this is right for you. 


@sandrakstewart or @fashion.and.finance 


Alternatively, fill in the 'contact me' box on my website. 

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