INVESTMENT PROPERTY management dashboard


Not surprisingly, less than 5% of all properties on the market at one time are considered investment-grade opportunities.


This highlights the huge potential for investing in property but also highlights the pitfalls and risk for inexperienced or first-time investors.


With the many nuances of managing an investment property, and the additional math and complexity of changing interest rates, management fees, strata, capital works, rental or Airbnb income, etc. its no wonder most people can't answer basic questions about their OWN investment properties performance. Even when some confidently make bold statements about returns (or profits) they are unfortunately usually mistaken or have left out several important factors to accurately calculate their actual returns.


Good Investment practice is based on math and data, not ego! The numbers don't lie.  


Having accurate data can transform your investment portfolio and empower you to make the best possible decision based on your unique situation. NO B.S just powerful decision-making data.


You can use this dashboard to -


1. Manage your current investment property and keep track of its performance.


2. Test a potential investment opportunity scenario by running the numbers before you commit to purchase.





3 divided sections of graphs, charts and data give you a comprehensive overview of your investment property performance and financial position.








-Cashflow summary


-Monthly cost breakdown chart


-Monthly cashflow position graph


-Vacancy rates









-Income comparison


-Expense comparison


-Cashflow summary


-Key property data


13-month rolling expense vs income graph


METRICS this dashboard will automatically calculate


Net operating income


Net operating costs


Net annual cashflow


Net capital expenses


Net cash surplus


Capitalisation rate


Cash on cash return


Rental yield


Vacancy rate 


Also includes the INVESTMENT PROPERTY WELCOME KIT (17 pages) 


Set up for success page 


Property notes and to-do lists  x 2 


Property comparison sheet 


Product overview and 'how-to guide' 


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and contact for troubleshooting 


User Contract and legal 








Simplified meanings and descriptions for understanding financial jargon and complex banking terms. 






How to use the Investment Property Management Dashboard


Step 1. Gather as much information as you can and have important loan information handy.


Step 2. Fact check and review any information you have obtained (especially if you are running scenarios on potential investments) Example: cross-checking local area rental income potential (not just going by a real estate agents verbal estimate) or calling your bank to confirm your current investment property mortgage details if you are unsure.


Step 4. Enter your data into the 'data input' boxes on both the monthly dashboard data tab and key metrics on the annual dashboard tab. The rest of the dashboard is locked, so there is no fear of moving cells or interrupting the formulas, making the process simple and error-proof!  


Step 5. Enter your property data consistently every month. Enter the date eg. 1/1/2020 into the date box on the upper right and press 'update' to send this information to your annual database. 


Step 6.  Review the performance of your investment by measuring your properties metrics against other similar investments and national averages. You can also use the data to strategically manage the performance of your property by identifying and plugging money holes and managing your LVR, debt and cash flow. 


ALLOW 24 hours for the three digital products to be sent via an automatic response email. If you have not received the files after 24 hours, please contact me. 


Note- This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT compatible for use on EXCEL. Terms and conditions apply to the distribution and usage of the copyright product. By downloading you agree to read the terms and conditions attached. Copyright and intellectual property law applies and will be enforced.


Data input can be customised to your unique loan/debt/income situation- however, please note AUTOMATION CATEGORIES CAN NOT BE CHANGED, MOVED or RENAMED.


Due to the nature of digital products, there is a strict NO RETURNS policy as you would have obtained the product and its intellectual property upon download.  


Please contact me before purchase if you have any concerns if this product is right for you. 


@sandrakstewart or 


Alternatively, fill in the 'contact me' box on my website. 


For troubleshooting please send a direct email to titled TROUBLESHOOTING  and your concern. Please allow 48 hours for a response. 









Investment property dashboard