90 day guided journal to uncover and adjust your subconscious limiting beliefs, challenge your current money mindset, and prepare you for unlimited success! 


You will be gently guided through 90 days of thought-provoking prompts and journaling activities that facilitate the reflection necessary for lasting change. 


Exploring your mindset and doing the  'deep inner work'  is critical for your long term success. 


Reflect, redesign and rewrite your OWN MONEY STORY! 


Includes - 


192 Page printable journal 


Introduction from the author 


What is a 'money story?' concept explanation


An example of positive and negative money stories and how to reframe thoughts  


Journaling tips 


Scale and 'thought' ranking system to assess your positive and negative beliefs 


90 days of prompts and activities (including two pages of entry space per prompt) 


Daily thought debrief and notes post entry  


COMPLETION breakthrough and revelation page 


Identifying issues to further work on (promise to myself page)


Congratulations and final words from the author

MY MONEY STORY Guided Journal